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Inkvisitor returns with a new line-up – new single and music video out next week!

”Searching for a new guy was a painstaking process that almost broke the band entirely”

Formed in 2012, the thrash metal -band Inkvisitor has gone through numerous changes and now comes forth with a new line-up: In last June then vocalist Aapo decided to call the quits and left the band searching for a new voice. The voice has now been found and he is Markus Martinmäki. Also a new live guitarist Joonas Kolehmainen is added to the line-up. Thus the only original member in the band is Jesse Kämäräinen since Tino Jäntti joined the band after the debut album Doctrine of Damnation was released.

Jesse comments that there is no drama involved regarding the departed members Aapo Vuori and Lauri Huttunen. They simply just wanted to do other stuff in their lives. However, Lauri will play all his parts on the upcoming second album.

Searching for a new guys was an excruciating process:

”Finding the new vocalist was a long and dim process and sometimes it felt that the band was over permanently. However, as the first rays of sun came from the sky in February, also an email arrived to my inbox. A new guy stepped forward and said that he wanted to join. We held a demo session promptly and after the session it was a no-brainer. We had found the right guy.”

”In December 2016 Lauri said that his motivation in band activities, especially touring, had diminished greatly. Luckily I knew a guy whom to call immediately and he answered the call. Joonas is an old friend and some of you may know him from FM2000. He’ll be handling the live duties for now.”

Inkvisitor will release a new single and music video next week on Thursday 18th of May. The single is from their upcoming second album Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals and the initial release for the album is in early 2018. The album will showcase a far more aggressive and complex neo-noir concept album. The album is recorded with Tuomas Kokko of Electric Fox Studios, Nino Laurenne of Sonic Pump Studios and Virtalähde Mastering.

Even though the line-up is pretty solid now, Inkvisitor still has one vacancy open regarding the recording sessions in early Autumn. The band has been looking for a bassist and that job needs to be filled. Send a word if you’re interested!

Inkvisitor is:

Markus Martinmäki – Vocals

Jesse Kämäräinen – Guitars

Joonas Kolehmainen – Guitars

Tino Jäntti – Drums

Upcoming Shows:

03.06. Ilokivi, Jyväskylä

13.07. Surmakuja, La Barre, Joensuu

28.07. Kuopiorock

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