Lumberjack Blues



Words: Aapo Vuori

Verse 1

Using a tool, cut out and presume
Watch out the falling debris from above
Toss away all the growth so precious
Gather everything that comes from below

With withering hands reaching out to the sun
Little grace is known, the clearing has begun
On top of the roots going deep in the ground
An unjustified doom to the life givers is bound


Cutting down the trees of life
By our own hand
Cutting down the growth on the earth
And not giving a fuck

Verse 2

Abusing the harshness of motorized steel
Clearing a path to sin and transciense
The gifts and givers of life have been torn down
Across the lands and continents


Total ignorance to the warnigns we’ve witnessed
Their heads are on the table who started this
Only a portion of life will survive
Trust no one but your own insight