Inkvisitor line-up whole again!

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From left to right: Markus Martinmäki, Tino Jäntti, Mikko Saviranta, Sakari Soisalo, Jesse Kämäräinen. Photo: Jussi Kämäräinen.

First time since 2014, Inkvisitor is whole again! After a turbulent years, the line-up has been finally stabilized. After Aapo and Lauri left in 2016 they left effectively Jesse & Tino as a duo. After struggling to find a vocalist for a few months, Markus Martinmäki stepped up. He quickly joined and the recordings of the upcoming second full length Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals commenced.

Next to join was Sakari Soisalo in bass position, and Mikko Saviranta completed the line-up soon after. The new album is expected to drop during the spring and the band will tour Finland accordingly. Stay tuned!

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