Faces of Belméz



Words: Aapo Vuori

Verse 1

Have I had the slightest bit of foolish and hopeless superstitions

Cutting my sanity only to fit
And to complete
All of life’s missions

Still under my feet
Deep in a solid concrete I find forgotten faces
With pairs of dead eyes

With a denying mind
I smash their faces in Put an end
To those haunting smiles


The simple law of ancient cavemen
Pure rage against my mind
These horrifying images
I am obledged again to smite

Verse 2

By these paranormal beings I now have lost track
Of what’s right

Tearing down
My own house
To hit the bastards
Where they dwell

Verse Higher

Dead Faces
Forgotten tombs
Spirits and souls Soar in me

Restless ghosts Fear of the unknown
Damnation I am Forced to see

Pathetically afraid
I swing back and forth
Trying not to let those
Eyes haunt my every step

I foresee them Burning in hell
Cursing with my
Final testament

Before they lie
Rot in the ground
I will not rest
I’ll put my soul to the test

With a self confident mind
I take my own life
With revenge on my mind
I start the final fight


The faces of Belméz
Will haunt me until I die
Then I take them with me to see
What is on the other side