Delirium Tremens (Night of the King Lizard)



Words: Jesse Kämäräinen and Aapo Vuori

Verse 1

Rude awakening after a blackout and a passout
Hidious slut misses the bowl, barfs all over me
Have to split, lightning fast, drinkers remorse, hits the face
Sweats like a rapist, hanging like Saddam
Back in my crib, I try to sleep, I close my eyes, I cannot remember
And still I cannot forget
Drinking binge ended now too soon
I pay the price, The hissing has started, they are crawling out


Morbid nightmares, vicious visions
The king lizard haunts me
Sleep paralysis I cannot move, I cannot wake up
It’s feeding time
I can smell the stench of the rotting maw, I can’t escape
The king lizard is closing in
I’ve been cornered Inside my mind, I will be consumed
The Dragon devours me

Verse 2

Blitzkrieg alcoholocaust Backfires
Delirium ensues
My mind is crashing down
I’m losing my mind
I can’t escape regret and remorse
I can’t undo the dirty deeds
Delirium deepens
Entering the lizard disco
Is this real or is this dream I cannot tell
The hissing Grows louder
Dragons of the remote island
Are swarming
Under my bed they are gathering


Mentally rotting inside out
The lurking demon awaits me
How to survive, I do not know
Begging someone to justify

Covered in my vomit
Battling the rapist
Confessing my dirty deeds
Wishing everyone else away

I can’t escape the lizard
There’s no end to this hell
But something eary makes me dream
Disguises me as a prey


Until death
This maelstrom
Drowning me
The night of the lizard
And my end has come