Black Vomit



Words: Jesse Kämäräinen

Verse 1

One of those days at school again

old lady nagging some shit at home

Flat tire on my way to liquor store

Still got the bottle but now I’m broke

Heading back home, got to call some friends

Serious beer pressure rising

No time for mixers, nail it down straight

Time to head out downtown!


Today’s the time, now we get wasted!


It ain’t no candy and that’s for sure

Now quit pussy footing around

The black booze is flowing down my throat

My brain cells are about to DIE!

Feel the rumble inside my belly

Something’s bout to come out…


Violent convulsions running thru my body

There’s no escape from the BLACK VOMIT

Lose your lunch and Tango with the toilet

There’s no holding back for the BLACK VOMIT

Verse 2:

The Party is boring and I am hungry

let’s go grab some burgers boys!

inside the joint I’m hurling again

I’m redecorating the place

black pools of upchuck flooding the table

I’m burping to the ninth power

I guess it’s time to get outta here

just before the second round







my body says stop but the mind ignores

Pass the bottle, and give me some more!

tossin’ cookies and blowing chunks

this where the fun starts

Plastered beyond recognition

black vomit dripping on the floor

party is growing even more

but the bathroom is the place for me