Aapo quits, Inkvisitor searches a new vocalist

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Aapo has expressed his decision to quit the band and pursue other musical projects. Since the band will move on, the search for new vocalist opens immediately. Brief requirements:

– Must be able to attend rehearsals 1-2 times a month in Jyväskylä.
– Must be able to pay for the rehearsal place.
– Must be committed, this is not a slot for people who like to keep it as a hobby or a side project. This band will consume your time from all other projects.
– Must be able to tour with the band. Currently we’ve been doing around 20 shows a year, but the numbers will grow.
– Must be able to write lyrics. Jesse writes around one third of the lyrics, you should write the rest.
– Must have own gear, we don’t have vocal PA at our rehearsal place anymore.

If you feel you’re up for it, put a word in our mail: band ÄT inkvisitor.com

Aapo explains his decision further in an open letter below. The band wishes him all the best and thanks him for his time and effort for the band.

Dear friends, listeners and fans. The time has come for me to part ways with Inkvisitor. The decision was made solely by myself and it wasn’t easy. A year ago, just at the dawn of the realease of our debut album Doctrine of Damnation I would have not been able to comprehend my departure from the band. I am basically one of the founding members and have been with the band since the first show, which makes the parting heavy for both sides. Nonetheless the hard decision has been made at this point:

At the past few months I have lost my interest to thrash metal in performing music in general. I was not emotinally connected to the band’s material and not even to my own lyrics for instance. I have always been interested in making other kinds of music (original or cover) alongside the band, and lately that interest had grown bigger compared to the music of Inkvisitor. I lost the pure primitive joy that I had at the beginning of our journey, and touring with Inkvisitor clearly begun to be heavy and exhausting instead of joyful and easy. During our last tour I was stressed and a bit depressed, which also reflected to my normal life at home and at the Jyväskylä conservatory. The tour days with Inkvisitor were heavy, full of tight schedules and work as my responsibilities constantly grew bigger. The shows themselves were the only small happy thing during the evenings. On top of all this I had to leave aside all kinds of good things because of the band, which made me constantly question my place and motivation.
A major factor in the decision was also that I got accepted to do my obligatory Finnish military service next January in the Conscript band of the Finnish defence forces. That was the best news for me this spring. Contributing to Inkvisitor simultaneously would have been hard after the second album, and I had made up my mind to join the conscript band the following January whether I was in Inkvisitor or not. As I said, my main point of interest in making music changed.
The situation inside the band and the relationships between me and the others was not the reason for me leaving the band, even though me and Jesse have almost always had our (small) differences. I came along with the guys well and there will be no bad blood between us afterwards.

We went through so much in three years: three tours of Finland, a self-financed EP, the debut album, four music videos… Wild and fiery shows, legendary tales and memories backstage across Finland. Unforgettable moments and more stories to tell that you could wish for. This period in my life was golden and it’s hard as hell to leave behind, but sometimes things don’t turn out as you’d expect.
As for now, I’m going to have some time for myself, focus on the summer and my studies in Jyväskylä university during the fall. In January I’ll practice my combat skills by singing and performing. I will NOT go underground however, and will be more than happy to be in contact! My career as a musician will definetely not be over.

Finally I would like to humbly give my thanks: first of all to Jesse, Lauri, Tino, Ville, Pete, Pete and Otto. You were quite a big part in my life, ’nuff said.
To all the bands I have had the privilege to get to know and perform with. Special thanks to the following bands and the dudes playing in them: Lost Society, Block Buster, Nuclear Omnicide, Devenial Verdict, Unhoped and Flailing. You guys are all great and I hope to see you and work with you also in the future!
To every venue we ever played in, thanks for letting me sing, jump and shout on your stages!
And of course to every listener and fan there is, thank you from the bottom of my heart, without you this would have not been possible. It was you that helped me get this far!

I wish all the best to Inkvisitor and a great summer to everyone else!

Aapo Vuori, Ape Mountain
Over and out


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